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"The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought" - Sir Thomas Beecham

Todd Terje - Johnny And Mary feat. Bryan Ferry

Perfect day for my first Nash run of the season.

Perfect day for my first Nash run of the season.

Listening to : Vince Staples - Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2 & 100s - IVRY

There have been quite a few legit mixtapes that have dropped over the past week and a half but two really stand head and shoulders above the rest. The first is from Vince Staples and is about 30 mins of an updated boom-bap-ish sound ie. its chalk full of quality flows, intelligent lyrics spit over low key drum beats. The second from 100s is an updated version of that 90’s westcoast p-funk sound and sees 100s double down on his flamboyant pimp persona that he nailed on his 2012 mixtape Ice Cold Perm. Both are legit and both need to be heard by more ears. Stream both tapes below and / or click the Datpiff link to DL either or both of them.

Vince Staples - Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2 [ DL : Datpiff ]

100s - IVRY [ DL : Datpiff ]

Learned from a Rap Lyric : Raymond Washington

'We the pride of Raymond Washington' - Vince Staples from the track Locked and Loaded 

Raymond Washington is a city just south of Aberdeen the town where Kirt Cobain was raised. When I heard Vince Staples say he was ‘the pride of Raymond Washington’ it was a bit odd since I knew he’s from Long Beach California. So I pulled up the Google and turns out that Raymond Washington born Raymond Lee Washington in 1953 ‘was the original founder of the South Central Los Angeles street gang the Crips.’ via Wikipedia. That makes a lot more sense than being from a dying timber town on the Washington State Peninsula. The things one can learn from rap music. You know what they always say, you learn something new every day! I like this theme for a post and I am going to try and do it again. Hopefully I make a little series out of it, would be interesting to chronicle the things I have learned from the genre. If I was to be honest, I would guess that being from Seattle [ aka South Alaska ] I have learned a ton about the world from rappers across this great nation.

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It’s our [ The Northern Hemisphere ] time now!
Spring starts today in the more populated half of the earth
6 months of 12 hours of daylight or more
Get those beach bodies ready

It’s our [ The Northern Hemisphere ] time now!

Spring starts today in the more populated half of the earth

6 months of 12 hours of daylight or more

Get those beach bodies ready

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DJ Format

—2, 3.. Scrape

DJ Format - 2, 3.. Scrape

JackLNDN - Drop Out

   - This track makes me wish it was summer

Thug Entrancer - Death After Life I [ The Range Remix ]

   - Great remix from The Range fleshing out the possibilities of footwork drum syncopations in modern electronic music. Hear the original here

DJ DJ Booth - C U L8r

   - This track sounds like an updated version of what Teen Daze was doing on his first release Four More Years which I have to say is an album that has held up really well. The sounds it contains might not have broken a ton of new ground musically but so what! It has a handful of great sunny electronic pop songs that make you feel good. This is an under rated quality when it comes to music reviews in our day and age. So if you are into that sort of thing I think this album is differently one that should be revisited. And Teen Daze was nice enough to provide an album stream over on their Bandcamp page. You can stream Four More Years in full right here

Diego Garcia Naval Support Facility - Central Indian Ocean

I came across these pictures after looking the Interactive Map of possible locations that MH370 could have have landed. Crazy to think that there are upwards of 634 possible landing sites. You can check out other possibilities here

Here’s how we know MH370 kept flying for hours

Like most of the world, I have been captivated by the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 story and have made a point to keep up with story on a day to day basis. Over the past 3 days or so the news media kept referencing the technology on the plane that sent data about its flight systems and location . They talked about the transponder, dropped the acronym ACARS and mentioned different Radar systems in the area that the aircraft went missing. The problem is, they never explained what these different systems do or the underlying processes of how they work at a basic level. So this weekend I did a bit of internet searching and came across an article published in the Washington Post that provides a pretty good intro to the technology on board flight 370. If you are interested I thought it might be worth a read.

It also provides a ray of hope that the plane could have landed safely in some distant land. But if you read between the lines all signs point to an extremely tragic ending to a story that might go untold. My thoughts and prayers are with the family’s of those on board the plane. Hopefully the nations of the world can put their collective technologic might together for a good cause and provide some closure to this mysterious story. 


—Soul Sista [ Madlib Remix ]

Bilal - Soul Sista [ Madlib Remix ]

   - Hear the original here

AceMo - Atnos